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Wednesday, Apr 19, 2023

Top 10 Site Selection Factors & Clark County's Competitive Edge

Each year, Area Development Magazine publishes results from their annual corporate and site location consultants’ surveys featuring the top site selection factors for businesses looking to expand or relocate.

State and local economic developers often look to this ranking to see how their location measures up against the business priorities companies and consultants use to determine where to invest.

Continuing to rank high on the list are workforce related factors such as the availability of skilled labor and associated costs, energy, and accessibility to highways, suppliers, and major markets.

The right location decision can provide access to critical resources, including labor, suppliers, customers, and infrastructure.

In contrast, selecting the wrong location can lead to unnecessary costs, reduced productivity, and a significant loss of time and resources.

Surprisingly, ranking near the bottom of both lists is the need for rail, waterway, or ocean port service.

Citing the rise of e-commerce with more and more deliveries being made directly to customers, consultants and corporate representatives mention their increased reliance on trucking and the growing popularity of intermodal transportation options.

In looking at the factors mentioned above, Clark County is poised to meet the needs of companies looking for a central location, a quality labor pool, affordable energy costs, available land, local incentives, and a quality of life and recreation amenities that are ideal for new and growing industries.


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