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Gurdon Public School District

Gurdon Public Schools, a sizable rural district made up of Gurdon Primary School, Cabe Middle School, and Gurdon High Schools, serves southern Clark County in southwest Arkansas. The adoption of best practices, professional development, and ongoing education are all part of the teachers' and administrators' commitment to continuous improvement.

At Gurdon Public Schools, students receive the tools they need to succeed as lifelong learners both within and outside of our community. Students have access to a variety of educational resources, including technology, Close-Up, athletics, fine arts programs, and FFA, thanks to funding from the Horace C. Cabe Foundation, Georgia-Pacific, and local leaders. 

Gurdon High School educates students in grades nine through twelve. GHS also provides a number of Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent credit courses, and certifications for use in higher education and the workforce. Purple and gold are the school colors. The mascot is the Go-Devil, a type of logging equipment, and the athletics include a variety of sports such as football, basketball, softball, and etc.