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Yule Love Christmas in Arkadelphia

Starts Dec. 1st at 5 p.m.

County Tax & Local Incentives

The adoption of a 1/2 cent economic development sales tax demonstrates the community's commitment to fostering economic growth in Arkadelphia. At the state and local levels, Arkadelphia offers a business environment that is competitive and alluring incentive schemes. The people of Clark County, Arkansas passed a sales tax in 2007, 2014, and 2021 to support local economic development initiatives. These monies may be used to offer regional incentives to qualified businesses that agree to add new employment to Clark County or, in some situations, keep those that pay over a specified level and/or make adequate capital expenditures.

The Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance will draft an Economic Incentive Proposal outlining the performance standards that a company must meet in order to be eligible for and receive the Economic Incentive Grant. The number of full-time employment to be generated or kept, as well as the average wage, will be included in the performance requirements. Capital investment or other project-specific information may also be included. Economic Incentive Grants are often granted as a grant for the recovery of project costs over time, contingent upon the company meeting established performance objectives on or before a specified date.

Economic Incentive Grants may be available for the retention of jobs in certain situations. 

Ready to Learn More? 
Please contact the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance at 870-246-1460 or email