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Clark County has three public school districts, each offering unique educational opportunities for students. 

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Arkadelphia Public Schools operates five schools including two primary schools, one elementary school, one junior high school and one high school.  Arkadelphia Public Schools also offers an outstanding pre-K program for students as young as three years old. The Arkadelphia Promise is a game-changing effort – helping to make a college education not just a dream, but a reality for every child in Arkadelphia.

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Gurdon Public Schools operates an elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Gurdon Public Schools recently invested $8 million dollars constructing a new high school and gym, a new middle school, football stadium, industrial arts building, and softball fields.  In the spring of 2009 Gurdon Public Schools opened a $3.5 million dollar, state of the art, school auditorium. 

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Centerpoint Public Schools, located in Amity, operates four schools including primary, intermediate, junior high school, and high school. Centerpoint's Future Farmers of America chapter has almost 300 students, making it one of the largest in the state. It operates the only school-supported meats lab in Arkansas and recently purchased 98 acres for a school farm.

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Dawson Education Cooperative is one of fifteen Education Cooperatives in Arkansas. Act 349 of 1985 authorized the Arkansas State Board of Education to establish up to fifteen Cooperatives. Dawson is governed by twenty-four school superintendents who represent the twenty-four school districts to which Dawson Cooperative provides services. Member schools determine who is hired, what services are needed and how these services are to be provided through the co-op.  Services are designed to improve the quality of education for ALL students. 

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