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Competitive Strengths of Clark County

Transportation Routes

  • Clark County is within a day's drive of major population centers along the East coast and in the Midwest, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, New Orleans, Oklahoma City and Houston.

  • Clark County is located off of Interstate 30, about halfway between Little Rock, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas.

  • United States Highway 67 and Arkansas State Highway 7 also cross the county.

  • The Union-Pacific Railroad, which runs from St. Louis, Missouri to the Texas-Mexico border, provides mainline rail service for Clark County.  

  • The Arkadelphia Municipal Airport has a 5,000-foot runway, refueling services, and recently remodeled terminal facilities.

Available and Affordable Sites

  • The 313-acre Clark County Industrial Park is located on U.S. Highway 67, five miles south of Arkadelphia.  The site is also located within two miles of Interstate 30 and has approximately 160 acres remaining for development.  

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Skilled and Available Workforce

  • Clark County has a total labor force of more than 10,000 people and there is a labor force of more than 91,000 within a 50-mile radius of Arkadelphia.

  • Approximately 57 percent of residents in Arkadelphia and 45 percent of residents in Clark County hold an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree or have attended some college classes.

  • Henderson State University (HSU) in Arkadelphia has an enrollment of more than 3,700 students and grants Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  HSU offers Bachelor's degrees in more than 50 program areas, some of which may be attractive to distribution/logistics companies including accounting, business administration, business information systems, finance, human services, management, marketing, and mathematics.  HSU also offers a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

  • Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) in Arkadelphia is a four-year liberal arts college which has an enrollment of approximately 1,500 students. OBU offers Bachelor's degrees in more than 60 program areas of study including accounting, business administration, and computer science, which may be attractive to distribution/logistics companies. 

  • OBU also offers two distribution/logistics related courses: Transportation and Channels Management and Production and Operations Management. 

  • Both HSU and OBU have indicated interest in pursuing the possibility of more courses or a degree program in logistics.

  • The Henderson State University Community Education Center in Arkadelphia is a workforce training consortium that provides credit and non-credit courses as well as training programs as requested by industry in order to create a well trained workforce for the surrounding area.

Competitive State Incentives

  • The state of Arkansas offers a competitive array of incentives that include income tax credits, sales and use tax credits and refunds, payroll rebates and cash grants for new and expanding companies.

Low Cost of Doing Business

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