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County Tax & Local Incentives

The Arkadelphia community is dedicated to supporting economic development as shown by the passage of a ½ cent economic development sales tax.  Arkadelphia offers a competitive business environment and enticing incentive programs at both the state and local level. In 2007, the voters of Clark County, Arkansas approved a sales tax to fund economic development activities in Clark County.  Such funds may be used to provide local incentives to qualifying businesses that commit to creating new jobs or, in some cases, retaining existing jobs that pay above a certain wage and/or make a certain capital investment in Clark County.

A qualifying business includes any of the Clark County targeted sectors outlined below, as well as any other businesses eligible for incentives offered through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission

  • Alternative Energy - BiofuelsImage title

  • Customer Development Centers

  • Distribution/Logistics

  • Green/Sustainable Building Products

Retail and Retirement Services are two other targeted sectors of Clark County.  In general, retail, service, government and non-profit businesses are not eligible to receive incentives that are funded through the local economic development sales tax.  However, developers of certain projects in the retail and retirement services that have the potential to provide a substantial economic impact to the county may be eligible to receive other incentives.

If in an eligible business sector, the company must also meet the following requirements in order to be a qualifying business:

  • Create or retain at least 10 full-time jobs; and

  • Pay at least 100% of the average wage of the county

Total Economic Incentive Grants provided for new job creation of new or existing business will range from $1,250 to more than $10,000 per job based on the average wage of the jobs created:

  • Wages greater than 100% but less than 110% of the average wage of Clark County = $1,250 per job.

  • Wages greater than 110% but less than 125% of the average wage of Clark County = $2,500 per job.

  • Wages greater than 125% but less than 150% of the average wage of Clark County = $5,000 per job.

  • Wages greater than 150% but less than 200% of the average wage of Clark County = $7,500 per job.

  • Wages greater than 200% of the average wage of Clark County = $10,000 per job.

Economic Incentive Grants may be available for the retention of jobs in certain situations. 

The Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance will prepare an Economic Incentive Proposal, which will outline a company's performance requirements that must be met to qualify and receive the Economic Incentive Grant.  The performance requirements will include the number of full-time jobs to be created or retained and the average wage, and may also include the capital investment or other details specific to the project. Economic Incentive Grants will typically be paid as a reimbursement grant of project expenses over a period of time based on the company's attainment of negotiated performance requirements on or before an agreed date.

Ready to Learn More? 
Please contact the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance at 870-246-1460 or email griffin@arkadelphiaalliance.com.

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